Requirements-Led Project Management: discovering David’s Slingshot.

Suzanne Robertson and James Robertson, Addison Wesley, 2005.

‘You’ll find this book a treasure trove of experience-based guidelines and illustrative examples on how to get the requirements right on your project. These include guidelines and examples on treating the requirements as an investment activity in Chapter 2; getting the right people involved and understanding their cultures in Chapter 3; techniques for stimulating mutual learning and a shared vision among stakeholders in Chapter 4; the use of prototypes and simulations in Chapters 5 and 6; dealing with legacy systems in Chapter 7; and managing systems requirements, systems of systems requirements, and requirements processes in Chapters 9, 10, and 11. Each chapter concludes with a nicely balanced set of “What do I do right now?” and “What’s the least that I can get away with?” checklists.’

‘As a bottom line, the book does a wonderful job of lifting its readers from a focus on templates and objects to a focus on peopleÕs needs, capabilities, and ability to work together to achieve a shared vision of the requirements (and the design) for a system that will satisfy all their needs and constraints. I hope you have the opportunity to use its practices on your next project.’    — Barry Boehm

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