Volere Requirements Specification Template

Extracts and Samples from the Template.
Edition 20
by James & Suzanne Robertson principals of the Atlantic Systems Guild

The Volere Requirements Specification Template has been downloaded in excess of 20,000 times. It has proved to be a valuable resource for organizations worldwide by saving significant time and money for their requirements activities. It does this by providing a rock-solid template and guide to writing appropriate requirements specifications.

What follows is an extract of the full template, intended to give you enough information to familiarize yourself with it, and to provide an overview of the contents of the complete template, which runs to 90 pages.

You can download the complete template upon payment of the usage fee. The fee includes the template (MS Word and PDF versions) and two worked examples of requirements specifications that use the template. The download also includes two Excel spreadsheets – the atomic requirements template stationery and an example of how this is used. The download also includes the Volere Requirements Knowledge Model.

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Proposed usage

Note that academic use is excepted from the payment system. Please see below.


A Volere redistribution licence is available for tools vendors and others who wish to include all or parts of the Volere Template Package in products that they sell. Please contact suzanne@systemsguild.net for details.

This template is intended for use as the foundation for your requirements specifications. The template provides for each of the requirements types appropriate for today’s business, scientific and software systems. It provides a checklist, structure and traceability for your requirements. Once you are in possession of the complete version, you can adapt it to your requirements gathering process and requirements tool. The template is tool independent, and has been successfully used with Yonix, Requisite, DOORS, Caliber RM, IRqA and other popular tools. Most tool vendors we speak with agree that this template can be adopted with their tool.

The template may not be sold, or used for commercial gain or purposes other than as a basis for a requirements specification. Please contact us if you have questions about your usage.

The Volere techniques are described in the book Mastering the Requirements Process by Suzanne Robertson and James Robertson.

Volere is the result of many years of practice, consulting, and research in requirements engineering. We have packaged our experience in the form of a generic requirements process, requirements training, requirements consultancy, requirements audits, a variety of downloadable guides, and this requirements template. We also provide requirements specification-writing services.

This extract shows the sub section headings of each of the main sections of the Volere template. This skeleton is intended to illustrate the content of the template. The complete template contains a further expansion of each of the sub sections including:The complete template contains a further expansion of each of the sub sections including:

  • Content
  • Motivation
  • Examples
  • Considerations
  • Form

We have given some expansions in this extract. Section 11—Usability Requirements shows the fully expanded contents.

The complete Volere Requirements Template contains 80 pages of checklists, examples and guidance. The complete template also comes with two examples of populated requirements templates illustrating the use of the Volere techniques, a copy of the Volere Requirements Knowledge Model and a spreadsheet for defining atomic requirements.

We encourage research and academic use of this template. Due to its popularity in universities and colleges, we do not charge genuine students and lecturers for the template. If you are a genuine educational user, please send an email saying how you intend to use the template. Be brief. Please note that your return email address must be a recognized educational domain such as .edu or ac.uk, etc, or a recognisable German or Scandinavian university. Open University students using Googlemail, please include your student number and course number.

Sample and contents of the template:

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Proposed usage