Requirements Process Design

Making your requirements processes unique and effective for you


When Suzanne and James Robertson designed their acclaimed Volere requirements process, they did so intending it to be used by the widest possible audience. They based the process on the best practices that they found in their worldwide consulting travels, and on their personal experience of what works and what doesn’t.


The Volere requirements process model as used in our books and courses.

“Based on my 20-plus years of professional experience, the Volere requirements process is a detailed, well-defined and widely-applicable process.”

– Steve Tockey, IEEE Software.

However, our experience also tells us that each organisation is different in some important ways. Each has its way of working, its own structure, job titles and responsibilities, and importantly, organisational culture

Recognizing this, we offer the service of working with you to derive a requirements process that fits the way you work, the people you work with, your project plans and the tools you use. Most importantly, we design your process to suit your application type.


A sample of a process under construction for one of our clients.

We work with you business analysts and managers to find what is right for you – what deliverables are appropriate for your organisational structure, what activities will yield the best results for your people and culture.

The end product is a documented process that everybody signs on to. The process is usually illustrated with a process model, and is always backed up by your Volere consultant. Contact us to find out how this can work for you.