Requirements Reviews


he requirements document is the foundation for remainder of the software development. There is a payoff for making sure that your document is as complete, accurate and unambiguous as possible.

Suzanne and James Robertson have, for many years, been conducting reviews of their clients’ requirements. We have found that when it comes to requirements errors, an ounce of prevention is worth many pounds of cure. Time and effort spent ensuring that the requirements are correct is paid back many times over by developing the right product and avoiding the heavy costs of repair and alteration of the “finished” product.

Why do I need an outsider?

An outside consultant brings a different perspective to your requirements specification. It is actually an advantage that he or she is not as intimate with the project as your own staff. The consultant makes no assumptions, and has a fresh viewpoint. This means that he can see your project in a different way from the project team who are caught up in the day to day pressure of system development. The outsider has only one thing to look at — the completeness and consistency of the specification.

Your consultant will have a large number of projects under the belt, and will be able to call on years of experience. He or she can spot problems that others might miss; know what should be in your requirements document, and what you can leave out. Your consultant will find those expensive ambiguities and omissions.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you ensure your requirements are what they need to be for your situation.