We grant licenses to organisations that wish to use Volere material, and can demonstrate that they are capable of successfully and competently applying the material.

Course licenses.

The Volere courses have proved to be universally popular. Some organizations, especially large ones, find it more practical to use their own trainers to teach our courses. The course licensee receives training on how to teach the courses, where necessary coaching and consulting, and master copies of the course material. The courses come with a complete instructor guide that covers, point by point, what the instructor should be talking about to successfully teach the course’s content.

Discuss this.

Licensing is done on an individual basis; naturally different organisations have different needs. We do not have a boilerplate license but prefer that you contact us to discuss your own situation.

Volere brand and techniques for consulting.

Each clinic is tailored to the requirements of your project. Prior to the clinic, the clinic consultant contacts the project leader to discuss the project. This covers the commercial use of the Requirements Specification Template, the Volere Knowledge Model and other Volere intellectual property. Consulting and contracting companies use Volere to communicate more effectively with their clients, and to provide consistently high-quality output as part of their consulting work. The license allows the consultant to use the Volere brand in marketing material.