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London, June 6,7. Adrian Reed teaches Mastering the Requirements Process LiveOnline. For more information on this course, contact IRM UK.

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Mastering the Requirements Process

Requirements. The most crucial part of development. You can overcome poor planning; you can overcome poor coding. But nobody has ever succeeded with poor

Business Analysis Agility

Whether you work in an agile team, or write traditional specifications, the essential business analysis task is to uncover the real needs of the

Mastering the Requirements Process – part 2

Now you can build on your requirements prowess, and make better use of your requirements by:

Becoming an Innovator

You can learn to innovate: while there is no”innovation process”, there are techniques, tools and strategies you can use. You can integrate

Volere Requirements Express

This quick-start course gives you enough tools and techniques to write accurate and unambiguous requirements — in one day.

Requirements Co-Engineering

Eliciting and establishing requirements for high-tech systems from various stakeholders—each with their own wildly different perceptions of


The Volere Requirements Specification

This template is considered to be the most usable and
accessible template. It is a distillation of hundreds of
requirements documents

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Stakeholder Analysis.

The stakeholder analysis is a spreadsheet enabling you to match types of
knowledge with the roles in your organisation that provide the needed

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The Template in Other Languages.

The template has been translated into several languages. These PDF
downloads are free and Volere users are invited to contribute their own translations.

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This provides guidance on prioritising requirements. Links to
download the Volere Prioritisation Spreadsheet are towards the end of
the text.

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Atomic Requirement

Atomic Requirement, otherwise known as the snow card, is the
template for an individual requirement.

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These are the books that we recommend for requirements, innovation and general thinking work.


These are writings on various subjects from your Volere authors, and from others who make a notable contribution to the literature.

Video Training

We have released a 13 hour complete video course. This and other video offerings are here.

Requirements Tools

These are automated requirements recording and management tools. Naturally they vary in capabilities, so short reviews are presented.

Requirements Resources

are links to information, techniques forums and other requirements sites. There is a wealth of information about requirements.

Innovation Resources

are links to people and places that are stimulating. They might provoke a great idea for you

Asked Questions

page comes from the things that Volere users ask us. FAQs are usually an easy and accessible learning resource.

Experiences of Volere Users

lets you see some of the results people have achieved using the Volere way of thinking. Thanks to all the clients who have sent us their experiences.

The Volere People

page tells you about the instructors and consultants who are your Volere experts.


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The Volere courses have proved to be universally popular. Some organizations, especially large ones

Consulting Clinics

A project clinic is a way of keeping your project healthy.

Requirements Reviews

The requirements document is the foundation for remainder of the software development.

Requirements Process Design

When Suzanne and James Robertson designed their acclaimed Volere requirements process.