Courses & Workshops

Effective training for requirements and innovation.

The Volere requirements techniques were developed to answer the need for a common language for discovering requirements and connecting them to solutions. A requirements language needs to be understandable by business people, customers, business analysts, engineers, designers, suppliers, testers and anyone else whose input is needed. All of these people have different skills and, not surprisingly, different views of the importance of their requirements. A language intended for all of these people must recognise the differences in peoples’ viewpoints and yet have a consistent way of communicating and tracing the relevant knowledge. The realisation that requirements is a socio-technical discipline has a strong influence on the courses that we offer.

All of our courses can be run on-site at your establishment. This gives you the advantage of having exclusive access to the instructor, as well as your participants being able to discuss their own work processes and problems openly. Please contact your nearest agent to discuss the possibility of on-site training.