Agile and business analysis

By Linda Girvan & Debbie Paul

Agile and Business Analysis: Practical guidance for IT professionals – by Lynda Girvan and Debra Paul

”I have never understood those in the Agile community that have insisted that there is no need for an analyst role in the context of Agile projects. The project team needs access to first-hand business knowledge, combined with empowered and timely decision making but if the business representatives don’t have the experience or skills to translate their contribution to the project team, then the project will suffer. With this book, Lynda and Debra bridge this gap and help not only the business but also the Agile community, to understand why the gap exists, what can be done to address it, which existing roles can help, and how existing Agile roles and practices contribute to the solution. I highly recommend it.”

Julian Holmes, Thought Works, Principal Consultant

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