Business Analysis and Leadership: Influencing Change

Penny Pullen and James Archer, editors.

This book is a collection of essays that are all pointed in the same direction — the place that business analysis has within the organization. The editors wrote some of the piueces themselves, and called on notables in both the business analysis field and cleverly selected adjacent fields, to bring about a significant work. The topics are varied, which makes for both an educational and interesting read. Topics include:

  • facilitative leadership
  • working with the project manager
  • dealing with difficult stakeholders
  • the iterative business analyst
  • global working and virtual teams
  • systems thinking
  • power and politics
  • strategic thinking
  • becoming a thought leader
  • ethics, professionalization and best practice
  • developing your skills, and the courage to apply them
  • communication and negotiation

Your Volere authors are contributors to this book.

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