Yonix – Online Software for Business Analysts

Good analysis is hard, sharing and managing it shouldn’t be.

With Yonix you’ll spend more time doing the exciting stuff and less time worrying about the boring stuff. Built by Business Analysts for Business Analysts, we have taken the time to understand and address the challenges in delivering great requirements.

Yonix, web based and simple and easy to use, enables you to:

  • Deliver great requirements and documents
  • Seamlessly manage traceability and versioning
  • Share your work and keep your team engaged and on the same page
  • Collaborate, discuss ideas, resolve conflicts and get valuable feedback
  • Save time, reuse and share knowledge and requirements
  • Stay in control and ahead of the game
  • Standardise your BA processes and practice

Yonix intends to provide support for the Volere Requirements Knowledge Model and Template.