Envision VIP provides a fully extensible database for housing each piece of a document. This includes phrases or words that a user uses in a document. Envision automatically keeps track of all key terms (e.g. requirements and system elements) and all references to them. Envision VIP provides a completely customizable reporting facility that provides unlimited ways of viewing and building information such as indexes or glossaries. In addition, it provides a custom query facility that produces Excel type spreadsheet reports, a data repository browser facility, and a repository toolbox.Now you can synergistically model your enterprise with the ENVISION Visual Information Portal (VIP). Accurately modeling these complex domains is crucial to shaping a viable re-engineering agenda.

Intuitive models allow you to quickly capture your “current state” metrics as a baseline against which future changes can be evaluated. These “live” dynamic visual models support on-going strategic planning and control within the organization. They can also be used to provide multimedia training, executive information systems, project planning, development, and beyond.

ENVISION from Future Tech Systems is widely used by business consultants and analysts in major organizations for:

  • Documentation of processes, services, systems and organizations
  • Enterprise resource planning and control
  • Documentation management and control
  • Process improvement
  • Graphical executive information systems
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Data modeling
  • Network modeling
  • Model based training