VisibleThread develops document content analysis software that identifies defects and streamlines document compliance. The company’s analysis software enables users to scan MS Office and PDF docs for liability concerns, automatically create compliance documents, coordinate and track changes from multiple stakeholders, and provide oversight throughout proposal development and IT delivery projects.

VisibleThread can provide specific support for those promoting Volere, by representing the template as a ‘structure outline’ in the solution. This means that docs can be proactively checked to ensure certain sections are filled in while helping guide authors (using an MS Word plug-in) to fill in content according to the core sections as recommended by the template.

Today the company offers VisibleThread for contract specialists, capture managers, proposal response teams, legal reviewers and IT development teams. The identification of compliance, legal, and delivery concerns through automated scans enables proposal response teams to improve efficiency and increase their probability of winning government and commercial contracts. For more information, visit