The Teamcenter requirements management solution can help you capture and communicate requirements from every source to product decision-makers. By integrating requirements management with product lifecycle management (PLM), requirements are elevated from isolated, standalone spreadsheets and documents to be visible to everyone who participates in the product lifecycle. With the Teamcenter requirements management solution, you can accurately trace, continuously verify and reliably maintain requirements information across your organization. Whether you work in product development, manufacturing or the supply chain, you can refer to requirements to make the right decisions to deliver the right products.

Easily Capture, Share and Maintain Requirements
With the Teamcenter requirements management solution, you can establish a single, secure source of requirements. You can create, edit, review and approve requirements from your computer or mobile device using familiar Microsoft Office® applications like Word and Excel®.

Connect Requirements Management with Project Plans
If your product or contractual requirements include schedule and cost targets, you can use the Teamcenter requirements management solution to connect requirements to projects, tasks and resources.

Continuously Verify Requirements and Establish Accountability
When requirements are managed in isolated, standalone spreadsheets and documents that only a few people can see, the requirements are difficult to maintain as the product changes throughout the lifecycle