ReqSuite® is a Requirements Engineering tool that does not only provide common Requirements Management features such as versioning, or tracing, but assistance functions to guide and support requirements elaboration activities (eliciting, documenting, analyzing, etc.) as well.

ReqSuite can be highly customized in a model-based way, which allows providing very precise and tailored support for almost every requirements engineering setting.

Its intelligent and context-sensitive work support makes requirements-related tasks faster and enables a higher degree of completeness and clarity in requirements, which finally results in a greater project efficiency.

The feature list of ReqSuite includes but is not limited to:

  • Context-sensitive guidance and hints during requirements elaboration
  • Model-based configuration of requirements types incl. their attributes, valid values, typed relationships, and desired notations
  • (Semi-) automatic tracing and formulating of requirements
  • Structural completeness and consistency check
  • Requirements reuse by copy and reference
  • Exports to MS Word, MS Excel, ReqIF, JIRA

The client side of ReqSuite is currently implemented as a MS Word®-Addin. A web-based interface is under development.