ReqEdit is a tool that is designed as a simple and portable ReqIF editor for Windows OS. Users can offline create and edit specifications including attributes and links. You also have the possibility to upgrade ReqEdit Client to an enterprise aware solution due to the optional connection to our ReqEdit Server.

A 30-day, fully-functional free trial is available in our shop:

The ReqEdit Reader which is avalaible as freeware in our shop allows you to show any file that is created by a ReqIF-supporting tool. So you have a quick overview about the structure, the attributes and all embedded images and files.
Key features of ReqEdit include:


  • Read ReqIF files as native format and editing
  • Portable Windows application
  • ReqIF offline editable
  • Multilingualism
  • Check In / Check Out from ReqEdit server
  • RIF 1.1a and DOORS specific ReqIF Import & Export
  • Import & Export Wizard
  • Support of multi documents and ReqIFz Files
  • Link handling

Document editing:

  • Opening of separate documents in multiple tabs
  • Display of hierarchical structure in a tree and tabular requirements
  • Automatic numbering of headings
  • Support for “read only” attributes
  • Search, sort and filter functions
  • Show and hide attribute columns
  • Data type dependent editing
  • Advanced formatting of text attributes that display images and other OLE objects
  • Print function for Main column or the entire document
  • Saving of views within ReqEdit

Premium Features:

  • create new documents and archives
  • create and edit attributes and attribute