With REQCHECKER™, get back to simplicity. While remaining non-intrusive and without specific environment, it checks the coverage of the requirements between your documents. RECHECKER™ gives you the benefit of requirement engineering to projects with an inexpensive tool (FREEMIUM model). Keep your existing documents: Reqchecker™ analyses your documents under several formats : WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, PDF, Java, XML and more.


Traceability makes it possible to verify the consistency between the requirements to be and the documents that implement them the documents that implement them, in all stages of the of the project or activity, and thus avoiding costly errors that need to be corrected later. This approach is mainly known in the aeronautics and space industry, but it can be applied in other sectors of activity, whether it is to trace the specifications in an estimate or an ISO standard in the quality reference system. This is why the Toulouse-based publisher Khilogic wanted to make its requirements management software Reqchecker very easy to use and inexpensive for better distribution. Reqchecker is useful for anyone who writing a document that needs to cover a set of rules or requirements, and may need to maintain these coverage links when the upstream documents have changed.

With REQCHECKER™, track errors and navigate with the Excel traceability matrix. Check propagation of all requirement changes by using the version management : change the input documents and Reqchecker™ shows where your documents shall be updated. There is no requirement in your upstream documents? No problem, Reqchecker™ can use the heading numbers for PDF and WORD documents.