RaQuest is a requirements management tool designed for use with UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect (EA). With RaQuest, users can manage requirements efficiently through all phases of system and application development.

RaQuest works with Enterprise Architect to extend EA’s existing requirements management capabilities. Additional requirements management features provided by RaQuest include the following:

  • Print requirements lists
  • Export requirements lists as HTML or Word or RTF documents
  • Export/Import requirements lists as CSV or Excel documents
  • Show the relationship between requirements in the figure
  • Matrix display of the relationships of requirements, or of requirements and Use Cases
  • Generate Use Cases from requirements
  • Generate requirements from Use Cases
  • Track project personnel and assign responsibility for requirements
  • Track changes to requirements and addition/deletion of requirements

RaQuest is not dependent on the methodology of specific requirement management. We aim at that RaQuest can be used for the process of any requirement management.

RaQuest is short for ‘Requirement Adjustment Quest,’ reflecting our hope that it will make system development easier. The pronunciation of RaQ means ‘easy’ or ‘happy’ in Japanese.