The success of projects in software and product development hinges on a number of things: well-founded Requirements Engineering, requirements-based Project Planning, secure and reliable Versioning, Traceability of results as well as company-wide Resource Management and Controlling. For all this, objectiF RPM is the tool. It supports you on your way to products that correspond precisely to requirements.

With objectiF RPM you can:

  • achieve your goals quickly and easily with the help of patterns.
  • take an agile approach and get a grip on complexity.
  • reduce complexity of your development processes and as a business analyst employ exhaustive requirements engineering.
  • visualize interdependencies in your projects and as a systems architect eliminate irrelevant aspects from the outset.
  • make decisions based on up-to-date information and as a project manager control projects based on requirements in real-time.
  • make full use of traceability by retracing test case coverage or correlations between requirements and systems at any time.