Modelio / Web Analyst technology gives you access to your requirements from anywhere and using a broad range of tools. Web Analyst is a light client interface that allows you to manage requirements from any web browser. They can also be viewed with the Modelio ( tool, which incorporates the requirements into its modelling capabilities and maintains complete traceability. Reverse generation services also allow you to access your requirements from Microsoft Word and Excel. Web Analyst includes a teamwork management tool that helps teams cooperate and handle versioning and helps project managers manage projects, roles and stakeholders.

Modeliosoft supports the Volere Requirements Template and Techniques, which can be automated by Modelio Web Analyst through a quick & simple customization.
Check Modelio Web Analyst’s unusual capacities

  • Document Generation (Word, HTML, …)
  • Setting : step, documents
  • Traceability management
  • Excel  Import/Export


  • Web Access
  • Document portal
  • Managing users, roles and rights
  • Version Management
  • Tool customization mechanisms
  • Interoperability (Doors, ReqIf, …)


  • Multi-Projects, Organizations Federations
  • Support of “Vision” (Goals, Risks, Dictionary, Business Rules)
  • Integrated models (UML, BPMN, SysML, TOGAF, Archimate, …)
  • Comprehensive traceability and impact analysis