Modelio ( is an extensible modeling tool (UML, BPMN, ArchiMate etc.) that also supports requirement analysis.

Its originality is that it integrates in the same repository requirement analysis and modeling. Requirements are part of the model. In addition to having a classical
spreadsheet edition capacity, there is a graphical modeling capacity (using the OMG/SysML standard notation). As model elements, requirements can be
mixed with other modeling diagrams, typically to show traceability or other dependencies between these elements.

Using dedicated document templates, produced documents can combine the requirements documentation, and model aspects such as class models, Use Case
models, or other models describing the scope of a project, and produce traceability matrices.

  • Graphical requirement modeling, compliant with the SysML standard
  • Spreadsheet editors for requirement
  • Traceability management between requirements and other models (UML, BPMN…)
  • Definition of requirements in MS-Word
  • Model creation wizards
  • Modification impact analysis: Automated construction of impact analysis diagrams
  • Pre-defined set of requirement properties providing an on-the-shelf requirement analysis approach
  • Customization of requirement properties to your approach.
  • Dedicated documentation generation, with the possibility of combining documentation with other model/template parts (use cases, analysis models …) and including traceability matrixes.