Lucidchart is an online diagramming tool (SaaS) for creating flowchartsmind mapsorg chartsVenn diagrams, and more. Lucidchart also supports libraries for designing software and service architecture, including UML diagrams, entity-relationship diagrams (both conceptual and physical), and network diagrams. Lucidchart supports AWS 2.0 shapes and allows you to import any additional libraries you might need in the form of Visio stencil files (.vss/.vsx).


Lucidchart is deeply integrated with many enterprise-level platforms including JIRA, Confluence, Box, Microsoft Office 2013, Jive, and Gemini. Lucidchart is also integrated with Google Apps and Google Drive.

Visio Support

Lucidchart allows you to collaborate seamlessly with Microsoft Visio users. Users can import any Visio file and export documents to Visio formats.type. As mentioned previously, Lucidchart also supports Visio stencils, so if we don’t have the library you are looking for, you can import it.

Collaboration and Sharing

We offer many options for collaborative learning and sharing, including:

  • Real-time collaboration with multiple users on the same document
  • In-editor chat / commenting
  • Publish documents as a web page, online PDF, or community template
  • Export as PDF, image, or Visio file
  • Share with your social networks

Lucidchart offers a free 14-day trial without any credit card information needed.