Modernize Your Requirements Management With Jama
Jama is software for better, faster requirements definition, management, verification and validation, from inception to production. Systems engineering teams developing life and economy-critical products use Jama to innovate against the constraints of highly complex environments and release with confidence.

  • Remove the overhead of requirements reviews.
  • Shorten the time between milestones.
  • Mitigate risk and maintain traceability evidence.
  • Visualize connections between regulations, requirements and test cases.

Requirements Management
Author requirements and create cross-team review groups with a sophisticated requirements management solution that removes the overhead of preparing content for a review.

  • Prioritize requirements validation, problem statements, engineering responses, negotiation and reviews.
  • Share robust, contextual information about your specs.
  • Orchestrate work across multiple teams delivering a single complex product.

Real-Time Collaboration
Shorten milestone phases, improve efficiency, identify risk and find opportunities to innovate with purposeful collaboration.

  • Coordinate stakeholders, engineers, partners, data, conversations and decisions.
  • Unlock valuable product information from documents and email.
  • Store work in progress and archives in the same place for ongoing iteration, real-time reporting and clarity across the organization.

Validation, Verification and Test
Maintain traceability evidence with Jama’s requirements management solution to visually confirm every requirement, system and component spec has been

  • Configure and customize your traceability structure.
  • Create, maintain and relate test cases, and validate and verify product specs in one place.
  • Create relationships between, and manage the configuration of, engineering design and requirements.

End-to-End Traceability
Easily show connections between requirements, specifications and tests, as well as related changes and discussions, so teams can see the impact and
validation of changes.

  • Visualize relationship rules and understand the impact of upstream changes.
  • Identify gaps in test coverage and flag suspect links.
  • Capture decisions, answer questions and resolve issues transparently and responsively.

Product Variants
Jama requirements management software lets you structure product variants from requirements for accelerated new product development.

  • Easily define and manage alternative data in parallel, and compare versions.
  • Develop branch releases and variants simultaneously.
  • Reuse entire IP blocks, or update specs, across product lines.
  • Create a searchable, centralized IP library.

To see Jama, check out the product overview video.