iRise is the worldÂ’s first solution used by business people to quickly assemble a working preview of business systems. iRise simulations let business people, end users and developers interact with critical business systems before development. The visual representation of the application looks and behaves like the real thing, including data interactions and business logic, so everyone literally gets on the same page. iRise simulations are interactive, unambiguous blueprints for what to build, eliminating expensive change orders, bringing projects to market on time and ensuring the final result will be adopted by end users. The iRise family of products includes:

  • iRise Studio – iRise Studio is a powerful, easy-to- use application definition solution used by business experts to quickly assemble functionally rich simulations of Web-based applications in a matter of hours. iRise Studio is used for new custom applications, portals, enhancements to existing systems and Web-based front-ends to packaged software. Business people can quickly lay out the page flow of simulations and create high fidelity pages that precisely mimic not only the look and feel of the final application, but the business logic and data interactions as well.
  • iRise iDoc – Stakeholders can have fun with application simulations that encourage dialog, drive consensus and quickly iterate to specifications that act as visual blueprints for what to build. Business analysts publish simulations as interactive definition documents, or iDocs, then present them to stakeholders for review. Rather than pages and pages of text and screen shots, stakeholders now have an interactive, functionally rich preview of how the final application will look and behave. They can test drive the simulation as if it were the real thing. Walkthrough notes help guide the review process and feedback comments can be sent to the business analyst with the click of a button.
  • iRise Reader – Using iRise Reader, anyone anywhere in the world can interact with a functionally rich iRise 5 simulation by opening a self-contained iDoc. The iRise Reader client software, which includes a sample iDoc, is available for free via