inteGREAT is a Requirements Definition and Test Automation platform built around a Knowledge Base. Capturing Requirements as Knowledge leads to many benefits for a project team.

InteGREAT supports the widest scope of Requirements Dimensions in the industry. inteGREAT can be used to develop business, user and system requirements including Goal, Risk, Mitigation, Glossary, Stakeholders, Functional and Non-functional Requirements, Business Rules, Constraints, and Assumptions, Process, Use Case, Data Requirements, Reporting Requirements, Actors, Events and System/Network context of deployment & integration.  Traceability is maintained between all objects across all dimensions.

Based on the Knowledge captured, inteGREAT automates the production of well over 30 standard diagrams and documents, normally produced and managed manually by project teams. These include Detailed Use Case documents, Traceability Matrices and 3 types of Test Case documents.

inteGREAT also facilitates RE-USE of knowledge specifications, not only within projects, but also across projects and Enterprise wide, ensuring consistency and standardization.

inteGREAT leverages industry leading products for Requirements and Test Management  (HP Quality Center and Microsoft TFS), and Collaboration & Workflow Management via SharePoint as the application servers.