IBM Rational RequisitePro provides requirements management, traceability, and impact analysis capabilities for project teams, primarily suited to organizations creating application software. See IBM Rational Requirements Composer to see the ‘next generation RequisitePro’.

IBM Rational RequisitePro helps project teams to manage their requirements, to write good use cases, to improve traceability, to strengthen collaboration, to reduce project rework, and to increase quality.

  • Avoid rework and duplication using advanced, real-time integration with Microsoft® Word
  • Manage complexity with detailed traceability views that display parent/child relationships
  • Mitigate project risk with display of requirements that may be affected by upstream or downstream changes of requirements
  • Achieve collaboration for geographically distributed teams through fully functional, scalable Web interface and discussion threads
  • Capture and analyze requirements information with detailed attribute customization and filtering
  • Improve productivity by tracking changes using project version comparisons with XML-based project baselines
  • Align business goals and objectives with project deliverables though integration with multiple tools in the IBM Rational software development and delivery platform