IBM® Rational® DOORS® software is the market leading requirements management application that can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve quality by enabling you to optimize requirements communication, collaboration and verification — throughout your organization and across your supply chain.

IBM Rational DOORS contains proven capabilities that can help increase quality and efficiency by optimizing requirements communication and collaboration. Rational DOORS, a scalable solution for managing project scope and cost, helps your projects meet business goals, satisfy customer needs, and address applicable regulations and standards.

  • Provides a comprehensive requirements management environment
  • Actively engaging all stakeholders in a collaborative requirements process by providing web browser access to the requirements database and integration to requirements definition capabilities
  • Manages changes to requirements with either a simple pre-defined change proposal system or a more thorough, customizable change control workflow through integration to Rational’s change management solutions.
  • Supports the Requirements Interchange Format, which enables suppliers and development partners to be directly involved in the development process
  • Links requirements to design items, test plans, test cases and other requirements for easy and powerful traceability
  • Scales to address your changing requirements management needs
  • Enables informal requirements discussions with DOORS Discussions
  • Supports the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) specifications for requirements management, change management and quality management which provides a generic and open way to integrate systems and software lifecycle tools.
  • Integrations include Rational change management solutions, Rational Rhapsody, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Focal Point, Rational System Architect, Rational Software Architect (through partner), Rational Requirements Composer and many third-party tools, to provide a comprehensive traceability solution

IBM® Rational® DOORS® Web Access enables stakeholders, including business managers, development, QA, customers, and suppliers, to easily create, elaborate and validate requirements within a web browser. This can help avoid errors early in the development lifecycle and reduce project costs.

  • Allows stakeholders to contribute new requirements, analyze or elaborate on existing requirements, and validate a specification directly from their Web browser
  • Enables development teams to create bi-directional traceability for impact analysis and traceability compliance
  • Keeps geographically distributed teams up to date with the latest project requirements information
  • Promotes collaboration among business users, marketing, suppliers, systems engineers and business analysts through requirements discussions
  • Provides fast and easy deployment to your user community – no software installation is required, all you need is a Web browser
  • Improves scalability by increasing the number of concurrent users on a single requirements repository.