codeBeamer is a web-based system for Requirements Management (RM) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), supporting the complete software development lifecycle from requirements management through development and testing, all the way to release. Due to its organic integration, it provides a single pane of glass solution that offers end-to-end gapless traceability throughout the lifecycle.

By integrating Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Plastic SCM version control systems, and supporting the use and re-use of over 10,000 requirements, codeBeamer is one of the most progressive solutions amongst requirements management tools. In addition to its ReqIF support, it offers REST API and integration with Enterprise Architect, MATLAB Simulink, Atlassian JIRA, IBM DOORS, and a convenient round-trip feature with MS Office (Word, Excel) solutions.

codeBeamer supports geographically dispersed development by providing an advanced platform for collaboration, requirements management, process control, and quality assurance all in one tool. Overall, it brings higher transparency and efficiency at shortened release cycles, complete traceability, and facilitates compliance with various safety-critical standards and regulations.

codeBeamer’s requirements-related features & functions include:

    • Strong and intuitive round-trip with MS Word and Excel
    • Integrations: DOORS, JIRA, Enterprise Architect, MATLAB Simulink, ReqIF, REST API, etc.
    • Gapless end-to-end traceability from requirements to release
    • Highly customizable data structure & flexible requirements workflows
    • Baselining for requirements freeze and audits
    • Multi-level requirements structures; requirements re-use via libraries
    • High performance even with an extreme number of requirements
    • Integrated wiki and document management for easier collaboration