agosense.fidelia’s unique approach of change driven requirements management offers
unmatched capabilities. Each step during the creation or modification of requirements documents will be recorded in detail, so that each granular change becomes projectable and traceable. agosense.fidelia can be deeply integrated within your overall change process, offers nearly unlimited scalability and unique features like parallel editing of documents, true branching and much more.

A high degree of user acceptance and intuitive usability were some oft he main aspects in
regards to the design of agosense.fidelia. At the same time, customization options like free definable document templates, workflows or access control concepts go far beyond what is available on the market today.

agosense.fidelia integrates perfectly into your existing environment and also supports well known industry standards, such as OSLC or ReqIF. And the best part: all this is offered at an incredible price!

Top Features of agosense.fidelia:

• Collaboration – Real-time collaboration on documents with live updates
Your users are working on the same documents at the same time? So just activate the
“concurrent editing” mode and committed changes are displayed to each user instantly. This also works for distributed teams, as agosense.fidelia is purely browser-based web technology.
• Traceability – Drag & drop split screen to view and create traces to internal and external artifacts
Requirements usually have links to other artifacts in the workflow. In addition to common integration techniques, agosense.requirements offers a split-screen mode. This enables you, for example, to write down test cases that are linked to the corresponding requirements.
• Usability and Workflow – Unmatched ease of use even for complex tasks
In regards to the design of agosense.fidelia, it was one of our main goals to facilitate the users daily work and to remove all the complexity that you see in so many other tools on the market. agosense.fidelia allows the user to focus on the essential part of their work. Actions like automated item versioning, calculated attributes, workflow rules, plausibility checks and many more can be predefined and therefore users no longer have to deal with them. Along with less complexity comes less time and money spent on user trainings and an improved learning curve.
• User Acceptance – Document style editing and navigation
agosense.fidelia combines structured creation of requirements with the ease of use normally only provided by pure text processing or spread sheet tools. So regardless of which tools your teams have used in the past, they will like the way they can capture their documents within agosense.fidelia.
• Parallel Development and Product Variants – True versioning, baselines and branches supporting parallel development and product variants.
Everybody talks about it – we have it. agosense.fidelia creates versions of each artifact automatically. Additionally, you can easily create true baselines and branches of documents and also merge them with only a few clicks. And of course agosense.requirements will always show the differences between branches and baselines in the main editing view, so no need for creating any additional differencing reports.

• Change Management – Change driven working
Every step in creating or editing a document request takes place in a working version (Tentative Sheet) and can be recorded to the smallest detail by so-called “Change Sets”. Change Sets are connected with tasks, change requests, user stories, etc. from the ALM tool of your choice. They can be released for the officially valid version of a document (Submit) in a separate step, for example after a review or before a sprint.
• Review – Advanced comment functionality to support review and approval
Notes and comments regarding your requirements can easily be incorporated in your specifications through reviews or voting’s. agosense.fidelia will automatically enable you to identify at any time the relationships between notes or comments and the corresponding changes.
• Impact Analysis – Display impacts of planned changes
Detect dependencies PRIOR to changing your requirements. Being aware up-front of the documents or requirements that will be affected by certain changes will allow you to better identify the impact and estimate the additional effort caused by these changes.
• Dynamic Templates – Document templates enforcing global rules with team/project specific adjustments
agosense.fidelia introduces a new and powerful template engine. You can centrally create templates for the definition of attributes, workflows, dependencies and any other kind of customization on different levels. At the same time, you can allow so-called “template overrides” in case e.g. a team or project needs to extend the predefined document data model later on in the workflow for their individual use cases.

• Performance – Top performance for best user experience even with largest documents
Fast response times, especially for large data sets, enhance working experience and user acceptance extremely. Our combination of modern server technology, specifically designed data model and state-of-the-art database system make agosense.requirements the fastest solution ever for Requirements Management.
• Elastic Scalability – Most scalable solution with automated server clustering
Our completely automated server clustering technology ensures that agosense.requirements scales up to any size of your installation. Regardless of number of users or size of repository, agosense.fidelia will always operate with outstanding performance. Additionally, this technology offers operational security with hot-standby and private cloud support, even making backups history.
• Integration – Highly integrated with other tools and capable of automated data exchange
Integration into your ALM eco-system is one of the key aspects of today’s Requirements Management. With agosense.symphony, we are experts in the domain of tool integration and data exchange. agosense.fidelia have all the technology built-in to be integrated seamlessly into your ALM tool chain with all of its different standards and technologies, such as OSLC, REST, etc. Of interest especially for those companies exchanging requirements documents with their business partners: agosense.fidelia also provides native support for ReqIF.
• Investment security – Lowest possible TCO due to most advanced and efficient infrastructure technology
agosense.fidelia pricing is extremely competitive to start with. Beyond that, our superior architecture, including e.g. a NoSQL database, leads to infrastructural expenses for soft- and hardware that are lower than for any other comparable tool on the market and will contribute to a significant reduction of your operational cost.