The Innovator's Toolkit: 10 Practical Strategies to Help You Develop and Implement Innovation Harvard Business School Press (Author)

This book lists a writer (Richard Luecke) but no author. So presumably, it has been assembled by members of the Harvard Business School Press. This shows as the book comes across as slightly stuffy and academic. But that is the bad news out of the way.

The rest of the book is made up of practical advice. That is, advice for someone who wants to pick up some, and I stress “some”, innovation techniques. The book has a grab bag of techniques for helping you find new ideas.

That’s the first third of the book. The rest of it concentrates on the hard stuff, and this is where the book comes into its own. The hard stuff is getting the innovation accepted by the organisation and the marketplace. The tone is academic, and this is not aimed at cavalier entrepreneurs, but at anybody who wants to place a structure around his or her attempts at moving from the innovation stage to the production stage. This then is the strength of this book.