Admired Characteristics of Business Analysts
A survey by James Archer


In October 2012 as part of his research into the role and qualifications of a Business Analyst, James Archer conducted a survey to discover the most admired characteristics of Business Analysts. This is a summary of the survey results.

This research has been inspired by the work of James Kouzes and Barry Posner - Kouzes,J and Posner,B (2012) The Leadership Challenge, Jossey-Bass

Results from over 400 people selecting the Admired Characteristics of Business Analysts Percentage of people selecting characteristic
Competent 82
Broad-minded 67
Intelligent 64
Cooperative 57
Honest 52
Forward-looking 50
Imaginative 48
Inspiring 42
Dependable 35
Determined 30
Mature 27
Supportive 27
Independent 26
Fair-minded 22
Straightforward 18
Self-controlled 14
Ambitious 11
Loyal 8
Caring 7
Courageous; 7